Negative Media Overload

I’m on the hunt for new blogs to read. Why? I can honestly say my head and heart are on overload. I go on Facebook and I’m bombarded with sarcastic memes, degrading vines, and ghetto fight videos. I look on the news and I can honestly say most of it isn’t positive. Most of the blogs featuring women have turned into virtual war zones. I see women bashing men in the name of feminism or due to other personal issues due to failed relationships or bad parenting. I see everyone virtually complaining about the ism’s of life. What’s an ism? Well this includes sexism, racism, classism, and any other ism. I honestly can’t be on fight mode all the time. Fight for this injustice and that one. I wonder are people always going to get riled up over every non-pc thing that happens. I’m all for doing something about it, but making a petition on for every thing that happens then spamming me gets old. I honestly want to read more blogs focusing on solutions and positivity. Less celebrity drama and ranting over bigotry. I say we use the real world to solve our problems and the virtual world to collaborate while promoting positive change. Everyone wants to be a twitter activist and the rants that most people keep in their heads have become full on blogs. I’m doing a new experiment. Whenever I ingest anything if it’s not positive or if it’s redundantly dramatic or emotionally charged I’ll no longer read that blog, follow that person, or visit the website. Why are people so stressed and unhappy ? I think it’s because we are constantly being bombarded with too much emotionally stressful information. I’ll start today and see if I feel more at peace over the next month.


One thought on “Negative Media Overload

  1. Great insight. We definitely have to be mindful of what we let into our spirit. There are positive aspects of social media but more often than not it has become the platform for the dregs of society. LOL

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